Features & Benefits of Concrete Borders
Not only are landscape borders a popular and versatile design choice, it is also the best functional choice to contain your landscaping or better yet, to keep weeds and grass out of your landscaping. Think about how often mowers, edgers, and weed eaters run into that plastic lawn edging, and how durable it is. The plastic stuff cracks, rips, and gets pulled out of the ground, plus you still have to do all that weeding.

With landscape borders, the concrete is heavy and wide enough that it won't allow those pesky weeds to creep into your mulch and landscaping. Concrete borders prevent erosion and will preserve your bedding materials. This saves you from having to work so much to maintain your beautiful landscape.

Further than that, concrete is a many times more durable than those plastic spools of lawn edging, wood timbers or metal edges. You can run mowers, weed eaters, and anything else into this concrete lawn borders and it's not going anywhere. If you choose to colour your concrete borders, there is even less worry because the colour goes all the way through, and a little chip from a mower blade will disappear. If it doesn't, it will give a nice weathered look to the pattern you had stamped into the concrete.

Whatever you are considering for your landscape design, make sure it includes landscape borders from Curbs in the Burbs. Concrete borders work for new yards or as a value added improvement. You will need lawn borders of some sort no matter what your design. If you don't want smooth grey borders the borders can be coloured and stamped to accent your flower beds, rock gardens or anything you choose.

Our concrete borders have several features, advantages, and benefits that you should consider:

  • Concrete provides a durable, permanent, effective, continuous root barrier, unsurpassed by other edging alternatives
  • Concrete is durable. It won't rot, shatter, splinter, etc.
  • Maintenance is simple. Lawn mower wheels fit easily on the leading edge and edgers or trimmers will not damage the border.
  • Beautifies your yard placing a picture-perfect frame around your flowerbeds.
  • Design flexibility allows for straight lines, curves, turns and contours.
  • Fast, clean and efficient installation without the problems associated with costly form work.
  • Save hours of edging, trimming and weeding time.
  • Less expensive. Higher quality.
  • Saves expense of herbicide treatment and mulching
  • Comes in a variety of shapes, styles and colors to accent your home
  • Highest quality, fit and finish for premier homes
  • Installed in one day with no mess!
  • No big concrete trucks, just our work truck and trailer in your yard or on the street.
  • Mixed, Slip-formed, finished and decorated on site.
  • Our equipment allows us to access entrances as small as 30 inches, leaving no back yard unreachable.
  • No damage to your existing landscape or gardens.