Styles and Patterns

Border Styles

Available in 4 distinctive styles


borderstyle-mowerThe front edge is approximately 2" high. The 2" front edge is placed level with the ground. This allows you to run your lawn mower wheel on it, creating a nice clean cut edge. Done in plain gray or several other colors, it is our most economical style.

borderstyle-slantOur best selling style. The front edge is also approximately 2" high. It also is placed level with your sod. This style is used with our stamped curbing and the angle is perfect for showcasing the pattern and color. It is available in a variety of colors and 15 different patterns.

borderstyle-regularThis style can be used in residential or commercial applications such as parks or playgrounds. Anywhere that a curb separation is desire


b_lighted_sllant_edge_85_x_63 This profile is the same as our most popular profile with the addition of the 120 volt light rope installed into the chamfered rear edge. Add the suttle glow of lights to your gardens, walkways or a focal landscape feature.

NEW FOR 2009


New for the spring of 2009 will be our exclusive downspout drainage troughs. These concrete downspout troughs would be installed at the same time as your custom landscape borders. These drain troughs are constructed of the same re-enforced concrete and integral colors as your borders. Your downspout troughs will be stamped to match your custom landscape borders.

Be rid of those unsightly Big O pipes at the corners of your home. Get your rain water away from your foundations and keep your basements dry.

No more Plugged Big O pipes to worry about.


Available in 12 elegant patterns and textures! Click on the thumbnails for a larger view

h-brick lg-running-bond-roller angle-brick-grout ashlar-rollerme-brick-grout random-rock
H Brick Stamp Running Bond Roller Angle Brick Grout Ashlar Roller ME Brick Grout Random Rock
h-brick-roller flagstone spanish-texture old-stone-roller riverstone-roller slate
H Brick RollerFlagstone Spanish Texture Old Stone RollerRiver Stone RollerSlate
Border Colours
TimberlandTile Red Granite Sand Squall
Driftwood Brick RedSlate Sandstorm
Antiquing Colours
With several curbing styles and stamp designs to choose from, plus a wide variety of colors your options are unlimited. antiquing-colours
Custom Styles Available


curbs_group2_stock curbs-group3 curbs-group4_stock curbs-group5_stock curbs-group6 curbs-group7_colored
Stamp & Roller Patterns Available