Our Process








Most people are surprised to find out how affordable our borders are. We have a border that can fit into any budget. Feel free to compare the price of stone or other materials, then add the time and effort required to do it yourself.

All of the cement, sand and aggregate used to produce your borders are manufactured and purchased locally. Our high quality sophisticated curbing machinery is custom designed for border applications in the harsh northern climate that we live in.


The estimate process takes about 30 minutes. On our first visit we will examine and measure the areas for the installation. We discuss the dreams you have for your landscape borders and offer ideas and recommendations based on our experience. When you are ready to move ahead with your landscape borders, we return for your actual border layout. We will bring border samples, color samples and we will layout the areas for your borders with a paint marker. On this visit you will choose the shape, color and pattern of your custom landscape border. If you would like to change the shape of your existing landscaping, include that hard to reach area or a tree in your flowerbed, now is the perfect time. The possibilities are unlimited.

Our written estimate price is firm unless changes are made during our second visit or at the time of installation. When we do your estimate you are under no obligation to proceed until you are ready to do so.


Upon arrival our crew will remove the existing sod, utilizing our professionally designed sod cutter, where your borders will be installed. This is a fairly quick process, but we take great care that your existing landscaping is not disturbed. We then level and compact the soil if necessary in preparation for the border installation. Removal of the sod from your location is not included in our price. Please find a location for us to place the removed sod on your property. If we are requested to remove the cut sod from your location there will be an additional cost involved.

The mixing of concrete takes place on our specially designed trailer, and the mix is transported to our machine with wheelbarrows, eliminating the mess and damage that is associated with most concrete work. We measure and record color, aggregate, cement and admixtures to insure consistency throughout installation.
The special zero slump concrete mix is then placed by shovel in our professional concrete extrusion machine. Our machine compacts and extrudes the border in the shape you have chosen. The border is hand trowelled, stamped and or rolled with specially designed textured rollers as you have specified.
Upon completion of the project we clean the area. At Curbs in the Burbs, we leave only a beautiful landscape border as proof that we were there. Our goal is to make your landscape the envy of your neighbourhood. We used specialized equipment allowing us to safely work in your yard without damaging your existing landscape. Our equipment also allows us to get through gates as narrow as 30" leaving no backyards unreachable.